Um parto pelo Twitter

Marcos Guterman

13 de agosto de 2009 | 21h38

Sara Williams, mulher de Evan Williams, CEO do Twitter, deu à luz um menino no dia 11 passado. O evento foi devidamente registrado por ela, ao vivo, desde as primeiras contrações até a primeira troca de fralda, no Twitter. O relato está abaixo:

* Dear Twitter, My water broke. It wasn’t like Charlotte in Sex and the City. Now, timing contractions on an iPhone app.
12:46 AM Aug 11th from txt

* The Contraction Tracker was fun until the contractions got painful.
2:37 AM Aug 11th from txt

* Admitted to hospital. Got the second-to-last room.
5:11 AM Aug 11th from txt

* Epidural, yes please.
6:49 AM Aug 11th from txt

* The heartbeat monitor soothes the silence of a room that will shortly be anything but silent.
2:20 PM Aug 11th from txt

•@ev is changing the first diaper.
7:45 PM Aug 11th from TwitterBerry